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Akiko Brownstein

Assistant Director of Admissions/Director of International Student Programming


Ilse Lopez-Trigo

Foreign Language Chair and Spanish Teacher


Karen Adams

French Teacher

WNA Around the Globe

For more than sixty years, international students have chosen West Nottingham Academy in preparation for American colleges and universities. Students receive support to improve English-language fluency and fully integrate into the school community.

International students play a vital role in our community leading in the classroom, on the sports field, and in our dormitories. Our international students are community leaders and are fully engaged and integrated into our wider community.

International students make up a large portion of the WNA student body who attend for a premier education with a comprehensive college-preparatory curriculum.

  • 29 percent of WNA students are from countries outside of the United States
  • 16 countries on average are represented amongst the student body and faculty
  • 12 languages spoken amongst the student body and faculty

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Our international student program develops and improves international students’ academic language skills so that they can be successful in our college-preparation curriculum and as they continue onto American colleges and universities. Students are initially enrolled in the ESL program, which is based on English language testing scores submitted during the admissions process, as well as at the recommendation of the program director after reviewing recommendations and grades submitted by the student. Some students with advanced English-language skills may not need additional language support and will be placed directly into the college-preparatory curriculum.

The ESL program features two levels of English preparation at the intermediate and advanced levels as well as content classes in History Humanities and Modern World History. Extra help and tutoring is readily available as students work intensively to develop and improve grammar and vocabulary along with refining language skills both receptive (reading and listening) and productive (speaking and writing). Benchmark testing is administered at the beginning and end of the school year to measure and demonstrate progress in academic English skills.

AI-Enhanced Global Learning

At West Nottingham Academy, our International Program integrates artificial intelligence to provide a cutting-edge educational experience for our diverse student body. By incorporating AI tools and resources, we enhance language learning, cultural understanding, and global collaboration. This innovative approach not only prepares our international students for success in American colleges and universities but also equips them with the skills to excel in a technology-driven world.

Health Insurance

Insurance for international students is organized and managed by the school. By providing our international student population with the most affordable and comprehensive insurance, students requiring appointments for routine wellness check-ups, acute illnesses and injuries, and chronic medical conditions receive full coverage and incur no additional costs. On average, international student health insurance coverage costs $1,800 annually.

International Student VISAs and Travel

WNA assists international students in obtaining their F-1 visa after they enroll at the school, preparing them for their visa interview and their initial arrival in the US. We also provide support for international students in maintaining their F-1 status throughout their time at WNA, and we assist students with transferring out to their college or university. Students have access to three SEVP Designated School Officials in admissions, academics, and student life who are always available to support them with visa-related issues.

WNA also provides travel assistance to international students by helping to arrange flights and offering transportation services. WNA provides free transportation to the Philadelphia International Airport and the Wilmington Amtrak Station on designated travel days, as well as transportation through partner taxi and limo services for students who fly to other airports or arrive on non-travel days.

A Home Away from Home

West Nottingham Academy is located within a short drive of four major metropolitan cities: Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City.

WNA provides safe, clean, and spacious dorms on a beautiful 100-acre campus where safety and security are top priorities. On-campus dining offers healthy and nutritious meals three times a day.

Alumni Spotlight

“WNA taught me how to build relationships with fellow students and teachers. One of the coolest things about my Senior Year was that we had at least one student from every continent of the world! I made friends with all different kinds of people from all different cultures and walks of life!” –Ashley Emory, Class of 2011