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Student Life

Here at West Nottingham Academy, we pride ourselves on the lives students lead beyond the classroom. After the academic day is done, students can enrich their academic experience with a wide array of extracurricular activities right here on campus. When the weekends roll around, boarders are engaged in a wide array of campus-wide fun and meaningful high school experiences.

Weekend Programming

Because our campus is located within easy driving distance of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C., we always have plenty to do on the weekends! The Student Life Team plans regular trips to catch a film, visit a museum or art gallery, go shopping, take a hike in a state park, visit the trampoline park (a student favorite), or explore a crabbing village on the Chesapeake Bay.

Weekends also offer plenty of opportunities to relax and reconnect with friends after busy weekday schedules. Weekends often include student-run events organized by the grades, dorms, clubs, or after-school activities.

Additionally, students participate in a number of co-curricular programs each semester that enhance concepts being taught in classroom settings. Culture credits (4 required annually) are offered most weekends to museums, art galleries, professional performances, themed festivals, and other events focused on aspects of culture and community. Nature credits (4 required annually), again offered most weekends, give students a chance to unplug from daily life while going on outdoor adventures, many of which support and focus on sustainability efforts on campus. Moreover, students are required to participate in service learning hours, supporting local community programs and initiatives, like food banks and park restoration projects.

Dormitories and Student Living

Students who choose to board at WNA live in one of our four dormitories on campus and experience an additional element of student life through dorm programming and communal living.

Our four residence dorms prepare students for the realities of college life while under the safe guidance of a group of dedicated dorm parents. Living with a roommate, sharing in community decisions, and managing day-to-day social interactions are all part of living in one of our dorms.

Each dormitory is equipped with the essential creature comforts: a student lounge, kitchenette, washers and dryers, a flat-screen television, and internet access. Returning student leaders, called Prefects, live in each dorm and are available to help new students navigate the transition into the campus community. Prefects also assist dorm parents in maintaining a safe, healthy, and fun dorm environment.

Within each dorm there is a ‘dorm parent’ who lives in an adjoining apartment to the dorm building. Dorm parents help to supervise the dorms on a daily basis, administer student medication, and serve as a trusted mentor as students live and learn on campus.

Beyond the Classroom

Our students take part in world-class academics in the classroom every day. In between studying, athletics, and enjoying their time on campus, students enjoy taking part in the many student-led clubs on campus. Encouraged to find at least one club that aligns with their interests, students partake in creating their own club, or joining one of these WNA student-run staples (just to name a few!):

  • Black Students Engaged
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Global Citizenship Program
  • International Club
  • Model United Nations
  • National Art Honor Society
  • Ram Squad
  • Student Government Association
  • VEX Robotics

Our Student Government Association, led by elected student leaders from every grade, is responsible for planning events that bolster school spirit like Homecoming, Spirit Week, and class projects. If students choose not to partake in competitive sports, after school activities like robotics, yearbook, and the Student Environmental Council are offered two out of the three seasons.


West Nottingham Academy offers a strong education-based athletics program that values integrity, academics, good character, and the spirit of competition. Student-athletes will learn to be responsible members of a team who hold themselves and their classmates to a high standard while working towards common team goals. Our equal opportunity program promotes lifelong leadership skills under the instruction of caring coaches. Whether students are new to a sport or an experienced player, they will find a place to grow, learn, and find success.

Athletics build community and school spirit through the engagement of students, parents, staff, and alumni. Sporting events also create an opportunity for our neighbors to enjoy our campus and community.

Additionally, WNA offers a number of non-athletic co-curricular activities for those passionate about certain projects. Students must participate in an athletic pursuit two out of the three seasons; however, they may apply to participate in one of the non-athletic activities for their third season.

To learn more about our lifetime sports and competitive sports offerings, visit our Athletics page.

Spartan and Athenian Rivalry

A highlight of our on-campus student life program is the ongoing competition between our Spartans and Athenians. Begun as a debating contest in the mid-1800s, we have expanded the competition to include academic, artistic, and sporting events that pit our blue-and-silver Athenian students against our red-and-white Spartans. Each year our new students are recruited into one of the two teams, and they retain their allegiance throughout their time at WNA. Siblings join the same team to ensure our fierce-but-fun rivalries do not spill over into homes. Who will win this year?


Upon arrival to campus, each student is assigned an advisor and an advisory group made up of four to six students. Advisors, a select group of staff and teachers, meet twice weekly with their advisory groups and follow an advisory curriculum provided by the Student Life team. Together, advisories discuss current events, student concerns, learn life skills, and foster community within the school. Advisors also serve as points of contact for parents and guardians of students.

All School Meetings

Twice weekly the entire school comes together in one of our indoor or outdoor gathering spaces to meet as a community. Teachers and staff update students on all-school business, listen to guest speakers, learn about on-campus activities, and sign-up for weekend programming. These meetings serve as a time for us all to come together and celebrate WNA’s traditions and move forward together with excellence.