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NYAA - Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program

West Nottingham Academy is proud to collaborate with the prestigious New York Academy of Art (NYAA) through the Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program. This unique initiative brings distinguished NYAA graduates to our campus, fostering an enriching environment where art and education intersect.

Discover the Intersection of Art and Education

Mentor: Peter Drake

Peter Drake, the Provost of the New York Academy of Art (NYAA), is a distinguished leader in contemporary art education. With over three decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to the art world through his visionary leadership and commitment to nurturing emerging artists. Drake holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. His critically acclaimed work has been exhibited globally. As Provost, he bridges classical techniques with contemporary practices and plays a key advisory role in the Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program at West Nottingham Academy.


👨🏻‍🎨 Guided by Excellence

Under the expert guidance of Peter Drake, Provost of NYAA and a dedicated advisor to the arts at West Nottingham, the Artist-in-Residence program carefully selects talented artists who embody creativity and passion. Each semester, these artists live and work on our campus, offering students an unparalleled opportunity to learn from practicing professionals.

🌐 Enriching the Community

Our Artist-in-Residence program is a cornerstone of the West Nottingham Academy’s commitment to fostering creativity and artistic growth. Each semester, a distinguished artist not only teaches classes but also actively engages with the entire community through the creation of inspiring artwork. It is a vibrant, living part of our community that continually inspires every student. 

⭐️ Meet Our Current Artist-in-Residence

This spring, we are thrilled to welcome Brendan Sullivan as our Artist-in-Residence. Brendan, a gifted artist and recent recipient of the prestigious Chubb Fellowship Award, brings his exceptional talent and dedication to our community. His work, recognized for its innovation and potential for growth, sets a high standard for artistic excellence.

Only Exclusive to WNA Students

The Eric Fischl ’66 Artist-in-Residence Teaching Program exemplifies West Nottingham Academy’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that values and promotes the arts. This celebration of the transformative power of art and education is exclusive to WNA Students at no additional cost to parents. 

Embrace the opportunity to be part of a community where art thrives and creativity knows no bounds.


Trish Kuhlman

Art Department Chair

Artist-in-Residence to Date


Spring – Kaitlyn Stubbs
Winter – Siobhan O’Connor
Fall – Darryl Babatunde Smith


Spring – Alonsa Guevara
Winter – Jiannan Wu
Fall – Jess Leo


Spring – James Razko
Winter – Caleb Booth
Fall – Emily Acheson-Adams


Spring – Isabelle Garbani
Winter – Adam Lupton
Fall – George Rue


Spring – Jacob Hayes
Winter – Chris Marshall
Fall – Marcelo Daldoce


Spring – Megan Ewert
Winter – Mitchel Martinez
Fall – Alexis Hilliard


Spring – Amanda Scuglia
Winter – Nicolas Holiber
Fall – Zachary Brown


Spring – Brittany Fields
Winter – William Bolton
Fall – Jacob Hicks