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Kirsty Leedham

Director of Athletics

Fall Sports

9/9/2023Fellowship of Christian Athletes10:00amBeachmont
9/12/2023Delaware Valley Classical School/Harford Christian School4:00pmDelaware Valley Classical School
9/26/2023Tome/Delaware Valley Classical School4:00pmTome
10/3/2023Delaware Valley Classical School/Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Harford Christian School4:00pmHOME
10/10/2023Harford Christian School/Avon Grove Charter School4:00pmHarford Christian School
10/21/2023Avon Grove Charter School/Tome10amWNA Invitational
10/24/2023Avon Grove Charter School/Delaware Valley Classical School4:00pmAvon Grove Charter School
10/30/2023MIL ChampionshipTBDTBD
8/31/2023Greenwood Mennonite4:00pmAWAY
9/5/2023Fellowship of Christian Athletes4:00PMAWAY
9/13/2023Delaware Valley Classical School4:00PMHOME
9/14/20203Avon Grove Charter School4:30pmAWAY
9/26/2023Fellowship of Christian Athletes4:30pmHOME
9/30/2023Our Lady of Mount Carmel4:00pmAWAY
10/2/2023Tri-State Christian Academy4:00pmAWAY
10/05/23Delaware School for the Deaf4:00pmAWAY
10/11/2023Delaware Valley Classical School4:00pmAWAY
10/13/2023Avon Grove Charter School4:00pmHOME
10/21/2023Tri-State Christian Academy11:00amHOME
10/23/2023MIL PlayoffsTBDTBD
10/25/2023MIL PlayoffsTBDTBD

10/20/2023 Play in Game TBDTBD

9/6/2023St Maria Goretti Catholic School Postponed
9/8/2023Cristo Rey Postponed
9/9/2023Fellowship of Christian AthletesTBDAWAY
9/23/2023St James1:00pmAWAY
9/28/2023Fellowship of Christian Athletes4:30pmHOME
10/4/2023Cristo Rey4:00pmAWAY
10/11/2023St Maria Goretti Catholic School4:00pmHOME
10/16/2023St Maria Goretti Catholic School4:00pmAWAY
10/17/2023Cristo Rey4:00pmHOME
10/21/2023Fellowship of Christian Athletes1:00pmHOME
Date Opponent/Venue Time Venue
8/31/2023 Greenwood Mennonite 4:00pm AWAY
9/5/2023 Providence Christian Academy Now 9/28
9/8/2023 Tri-State Christian Academy 3:30pm AWAY
9/12/2023 Delaware Valley Classical School 4:00pm HOME
9/15/2023 Aquinas 4:00pm AWAY
9/20/2023 Delaware School for the Deaf 4:00pm AWAY
9/22/2023 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4:00pm HOME
9/26/2023 Tome 4:00pm AWAY
9/28/2023 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4:00pm AWAY
9/28/2023 Avon Grove Charter School 4:00pm AWAY
9/29/20233 Providence Christian Academy 4:30pm AWAY
10/4/202 Gunston 4:00pm AWAY
10/10/203 Delaware Valley Classical School 4:00pm AWAY
10/11/2023 Our Lady of Mount Carmel 4:00pm HOME
10/13/2023 Aquinas 4:00pm HOME
10/19/2023 Tri-State Christian Academy 4:00pm HOME
10/20/2023 Avon Grove Charter School 3:00pm HOME
10/24/2023 Fellowship of Christian Athletes 4:00pm AWAY
10/27/2023 Tome 4:00pm HOME
30-Oct MIL Playoffs TBD TBD
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Media
  • Athletics Intern

Winter Sports

  • Boys Prep Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Wrestling
  • Girls Wrestling
  • Sports Media
  • Athletics Intern

Spring Sports

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