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The Academic Program at West Nottingham is founded in the traditional curriculum found at most schools but takes advantage of the unique environment that WNA can offer.  Our students take strong foundational classes in English, History, STEM, World Language, Arts, and Business with options for advanced study and AP level work.  As students progress through their high school years, more and more opportunities emerge for students to customize their classes so that by the junior and senior years, all students choose multiple electives and have the opportunity to plan and execute their own independent study programs based on their own personal passions.  Anchoring this diverse curriculum, each student participates in the WNA Core program by grade level which develops leadership skills through a four-year focus on creativity, teamwork, innovation, and entrepreneurism.  Put together, this framework allows for students to have a rigorous education that provides both a common groundwork and unique courses to ensure success in the 21st century world.  

Imagine the world in twenty-five years

  • What technologies will exist that have not yet been dreamed?
  • What information will be essential for success?
  • What challenges will the world be facing?
  • Now – Design a school to answer these questions. Welcome to West Nottingham Academy!

At West Nottingham, students will learn not only how to adapt to a changing environment but drive those changes. At West Nottingham, students will learn the skills they will need to succeed in the world that they will create. At West Nottingham, students will become the leaders the world will need for the future.

INSPIRE Visiting Scholars Program

Program Objective
The WNA INSPIRE Visiting Scholars Program empowers students to become agents of change by developing connections with multidisciplinary professionals that motivate future endeavors.

Through our Casa Laxmi advisors and WNA alumni, professors, scientists, educators, business leaders, artists, and other professionals are invited to deliver a presentation followed by an opportunity for questions and connections. We are committed to enveloping WNA students with brilliant minds and talent and encouraging them to establish a professional network while a student on campus and beyond.

All West Nottingham Academy community members are welcome and encouraged to attend each event. The schedule for 2023-24 will be released soon and all will be live streamed.

Note: The dates, names, biographies and topics for the Visiting Dignitaries program will be published soon.

Live Streaming 

IGNITE Internship Program

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, West Nottingham Academy juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in an out-of-school, individually designed internship by capitalizing on our connections with Casa Laxmi advisors and WNA alumni.

This program allows upperclass students to design an experience aligned with their passion and goals and gain active and direct working experience. This is a selective program for which there may be additional costs and fees. 

Trips and Expeditions 

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, West Nottingham Academy will offer a variety of academic trips, visits, outdoor activities, and extended expeditions. This is a selective program for which there will be additional costs and fees. 

Summer @ WNA

Summer is an amazing time at West Nottingham Academy. The campus bustles with summer camps and community members and visitors enjoy our fishing pond, historic nine hole golf course, and disc golf course. Outdoor and indoor air conditioned facilities are available for rent. Please contact our business office.