A Sneak Peak into West Nottingham Academy

Campus Tour

Join our Ram’s Squad members as they take you on a guided tour of our beautiful campus and facilities, and explain why West Nottingham Academy is such an exceptional school.

West Nottingham Academy Student Voices

Hear why students thrive at West Nottingham Academy from our day and boarding students.

Parent Voices

Learn why parents love West Nottingham Academy – “This has been a perfect fit. The school is a family, that’s the feel of West Nottingham Academy.”

Faculty Voices

Hear from talented faculty and staff members about the benefits of attending West Nottingham Academy.

What WNA Means to Us

Hear about WNA from the students perspective and what it means to be a Ram.

What makes WNA so special

Hear from parents, students, and educators about what makes West Nottingham Academy so special for everyone.

The View of West Nottingham Academy’s Clocktower

WNA’s clock tower is often a view that one cannot pass without pausing to enjoy the view.

Historic Campus

A scenic view of WNA’s campus that highlights student activities and various views around campus.

View from the Top

Located in Colora, Maryland, West Nottingham Academy is a day and boarding school for 9th-12th graders that offers a student life experience that goes well beyond the classroom.