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Amie Macbeth

Amie Macbeth

English Teacher


Melissa Wender

English Teacher

Peer Writing Support

Our newly-founded on-campus Writing Center provides the opportunity for our students, peer tutors, and English Department staff to work together in support of students’ goals to become better writers. Located in Finley-Bathon Hall, our Writing Center provides weekly virtual and in-person tutoring sessions for any student who is interested in receiving additional writing guidance during Academic Hour and evening study halls.

Peer Tutors

West Nottingham Academy’s Peer Writing Center’s tutors are comprised of talented, committed, and kind students to whom other students can go for additional help brainstorming, revising, and polishing written work for any subject. All students who participate benefit from increased writing proficiency and the development of peer relationships and independent academic skills. Student tutors deepen their understanding of writing and teaching, earn service learning, and enhance their resumes for college.

Peer Tutor Selection

Teachers will recommend students entering grade 10 and above who have excellent writing abilities, a history of positive peer interactions, strong work ethics, and average GPAs of 3.2 to participate in the program. We have an average of 6 tutors per year. Prospective tutors will be identified in March of each year based on teacher recommendations and tutor selections will take place in April.

Training and Professional Development for Peer Tutors

At the beginning of their first year as tutors, students will participate in two four-hour sessions of training in writing skills, differentiating high-order and low-order concerns, creating an emotionally safe learning environment, peer review techniques, plagiarism identification, and MLA citation. Training will culminate in several mock-sessions where students practice dealing with difficult situations.

During the school year, tutors will meet with the Director once a week over lunch to share accomplishments and concerns and participate in ongoing professional development.


With every student at WNA, we develop a course of study that is rigorous and college-preparatory in scope and direction. Our objective is to inspire curiosity, teach critical-thinking skills, and cultivate a passion for life-long learning that sets the foundation for a life that is both individually fulfilling and intrinsically valuable to the greater community.