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Why Boarding School?

Today’s students seek school experiences that allow them to be supported while they pursue their passions. Being able to grasp the opportunities that await them socially, academically and intellectually are just a few of the numerous benefits of boarding school.

Collaborative Learning

Attending boarding school provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with their peers — both in the classroom and out. Because of the diversity that is present within the student body at a boarding school, students are exposed to unique growth and learning experiences.

An Arena for Personal Growth

The boarding school environment is naturally suited to each student’s personal growth. The skills necessary for success in life are honed on a daily basis in this environment. From independence and time management to work ethic and responsibility, a boarding school student tends to develop these crucial skills more quickly than students in other types of learning environments.

Ample Curricular Choices

Largely the result of catering to their diverse student body and the desire to provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests, the choices for clubs and activities is unmatched at a boarding school. Foreign language clubs, sporting teams, the arts and STEM project groups are just a few of the activities that are possible at boarding schools. As a bonus, because students live on campus, they can better fit in these activities around their academics.

Deeper Teacher-Student Bonds

The teaching staff at a boarding school has a special bond with the students they see and teach on a daily basis. With many of the staff also serving as coaches, club mentors and activity organizers, attending boarding school provides students and teachers with the ability to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Rigorous Academics

A rigorous curriculum is one of the hallmarks of a boarding school education. The focus on such an approach is to both expose students to innovative ideas and to instill a solid work ethic that will prepare them for college and beyond.

Low Teacher-Student Ratio

It’s well understood in education that smaller class sizes equal more student success. The smaller the class size, the more individualized attention each student receives. Confidence and information retention grow as each student is given the opportunity to be heard and learn from each other.

A Hub of Learning

Given the centralized nature of a boarding school, students have access to spaces in which to explore their interests in depth. Depending on the focus of the particular school, these areas could encompass science, the arts, sports and more. The rich offerings encourage students to take their knowledge and interests to newfound heights in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Designed to inspire and educate today’s students to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, West Nottingham Academy provides an unparalleled experience at its sprawling, 100-acre campus. Located in rural Maryland within a few hours of bustling cities like New York, Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia, West Nottingham Academy is a boarding school that offers its students the best of both worlds in an environment that is inclusive, vibrant and supportive. Meet our admissions team through the link below.