Our Campus

Our Campus

Situated in the rolling countryside of northeastern Maryland, just a few miles from the headwaters of the Chesapeake Bay, our beautiful 100-acre campus provides our students a sanctuary for living and learning. Our campus is located within a two to three hour drive to cities like New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Around 85 percent of students live on campus, representing 15 different countries and 9 states in the United States. Roughly 15 percent of our student body attend as day students from surrounding counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Safety and Security

West Nottingham Academy takes the safety of our students, faculty, and staff seriously. Outfitted with a brand new campus-wide surveillance system, our 100-acre property boasts safety and security, in partnership with local emergency personnel, in all of our academic and student life buildings. Parents, guardians, students, and staff receive real-time, mass text messages to alert the community of emergencies relating to weather and man-made threats. Students who live on campus receive consistent supervision in the evenings and on the weekends. Each dormitory has several ‘dorm parents’ who live in apartments that adjoint the dorms. Dorm parents provide mentorship, guidance, and serve a critical safety role for our borders.

Student Dining

At West Nottingham, students are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our dining hall adorned with the flags of the diverse countries of origin represented by our student body through the years. Each weekday and weekend, students are provided nutritious meals that vary based on the season or cuisine. On the weekends, students can visit local restaurants, order takeout, and can make trips to the grocery store—accompanied by staff.

WNA also provides independent nutritional services through the school’s registered dietician. Whether seeking advice for weight control, planning for healthier meals, or facing challenges of a dietary medical condition, students can access the registered dietician by appointment through the health suite. The registered dietitian provides individualized dietary guidance by evaluating personal goals and food choices, designing nutrition programs to promote and protect health, and educating students to address symptoms associated with many types of eating disorders and medical conditions. The school dietician counsels students on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, assists with developing meal plans, and evaluates the effects of meal plans, altering choices when necessary to achieve successful outcomes. By empowering students through nutritional education and providing support to achieve their goals, WNA’s registered dietician is essential for the overall health and wellness of our school community.

Dormitories and Boarding Accommodations

Students who choose to board at WNA live in one of our four dormitories on campus and experience an additional element of student life through dorm programming and communal living.

Our four residence dorms prepare students for the realities of college life while under the safe guidance of a group of dedicated dorm parents. Living with a roommate, sharing in community decisions, and managing day-to-day social interactions are all part of living in one of our dorms.

Each dormitory is equipped with the essential creature comforts: a student lounge, kitchenette, washers and dryers, a flat-screen television, and internet access. Returning student leaders, called Prefects, live in each dorm and are available to help new students navigate the transition into the campus community. Prefects also assist dorm parents in maintaining a safe, healthy, and fun dorm environment.

Fitness and Student Wellness

West Nottingham Academy boasts a 100-acre campus–providing students the opportunity to get outside and be active. Our winding pathways, plentiful trees, and nature trails serve as a course for our semi-annual 5k races and leisurely walks. Our expansive sports fields set the scene for an array of our athletics offerings. The Ware Field House, our gymnasium houses our basketball and volleyball courts, in addition to an athletic training center, cardio machines and equipment, and a strength training center. Our gymnasium is also a place where students can gather for student life activities, games, and to cheer on fellow Rams in fierce competition! Our gymnasium and fitness center is available to all students who want additional exercise or training throughout the day.

The Richard L. Funk Greenhouse

West Nottingham Academy features The Richard L. Funk Greenhouse, home to a wide variety of tropical and warm weather plants. Some of the plants in the greenhouse include cacti, succulents, and bromeliads, among others. WNA utilizes the greenhouse as a way for STEM classes to interact with the plants and conduct lab experiments. Additionally, the fruits and vegetables grown inside the greenhouse are given to the dining hall and be used for meals.

Opportunity awaits you at West Nottingham Academy!

Every day, in every activity, from the classroom to the playing fields, art studios, and club gatherings, students are exposed to a diverse community of learners from all walks of life.

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