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Boys’ Prep Basketball Roster Gets a Boost; Introducing Our All-Girls Wrestling Program

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In advance of the 2023/2024 school year, West Nottingham Academy is thrilled to announce the following updates to its renowned Athletics Program, including the appointment of Kirsty Leedham to Head Coach of the Boys Prep Basketball Team. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Coach Leedham brings a wealth of experience and passion, previously holding a position as a D1 Coach at Binghamton University.

Through her appointment, Coach Leedham has increased the school’s recruitment efforts and has signed the following exciting talents to this year’s roster:

  • Mo Tañedo (Junior), Point Guard
  • Tyson Clark (Junior), Shooting Guard
  • Donovan Peterson (Junior), Guard
  • Miles White (Senior), Point Guard
  • Dominique Wyatt (Senior), Point Guard
  • Dylan Shepard (Post Grad), Point Guard
  • Chris Standford (Post Grad), Guard/Forward


Speaking on the decision to appoint a female head coach, Head of School Dr. Sandra Wirth emphasized “this marks a historic moment for West Nottingham Academy, as it reinforces the school’s dedication to inclusivity and empowering women in sports, and elevating the coaching level for our athletes”.

Following this announcement comes the launch of an individualized all-girls wrestling program, under the highly accomplished Coach Kacey Michelson.

In addition to the coaching and program changes, West Nottingham Academy has undergone a series of facility upgrades and equipment investments to enhance their training environment. These developments underscore West Nottingham’s commitment to empowering students through athletic achievements and sportsmanship, and building community and school spirit through the engagement of students, parents, staff, alumni, and neighbors.