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Running is a multidisciplinary approach to life.  My decisions and outlook about students and work are absolutely shaped by my experiences in long-distance running. My teaching is now like my running in that hard work is at the core roots of how I design my courses.  The spirit, warm welcoming hearts, and resiliency of running at West Nottingham Academy (WNA) continue today.

WNA runners from the early 2000s might recall how one cross country (Cross) course swallowed Kevin’s shoe or the unique running style of the runners from the 1990s. I love social theory because it forces you to get uncomfortable with your perspectives at times. Every race has its uncomfortable moments and hitting the wall, and getting through it is more of an art than a science.

Teaching sociology and behavioral finance are great examples of how perspectives matter.  If you want to run well, all angles of improvement need to be explored. What is a safe level of pushing running boundaries?  What eating habits will help or hinder success? Is running quantity more important than quality? How fast do you start a race? How often should I vary my types of runs? No one has all the answers but having the sage wisdom of USTA-certified coach Karen Adams has been a difference-maker.

I am eager to run the challenging and oldest annually contested marathon in the world the 126th Boston Marathon this April. I hope to eventually run a marathon in each state.  Without the support of my family and West Nottingham Academy, this fun adventure would not be possible.

I hope to inspire and develop WNA students to be lifetime runners and celebrate their running accomplishments.  Watching this year’s Cross team was memorable in the ways that they built spirit and took pride in finding ways to measure improvement. We hope to see you again at a WNA race or I would love to meet you at the extra-special Boston Marathon. Please share your running milestones or running streak stories.

Micah Brownstein is in his first year here at WNA as the Dean of Community Life.

Opportunity awaits you at West Nottingham Academy!

Every day, in every activity, from the classroom to the playing fields, art studios, and club gatherings, students are exposed to a diverse community of learners from all walks of life.