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West Nottingham Academy Paves the Way for the Future of Education

 COLORA, MARYLAND – June 14, 2022 – Today, West Nottingham Academy, the 278-year-old institution founded by Samuel Finley and attended by signers of the Declaration of Independence, is once again redefining secondary education by implementing a new curriculum focused on ensuring students are prepared for the ever-changing world of tomorrow. The highly customizable academic program, developed over the past year by school faculty with student support, championed by parents and endorsed by top educators, will allow West Nottingham Academy to become the best leadership development academy the world has to offer.

“Our goal is to offer both our current and future students the opportunity to launch their potential,” said Dr. Sandra Wirth, Head of School. “We have rewritten the playbook and developed an academic program that is relevant for today’s generation of students. This has been a massive undertaking and one that could not have happened without my amazing faculty and support from both students and parents.”

The new academic program, which will launch in the fall (2022/2023 school year), focuses on teaching students to think critically, creatively, ethically, globally, and abundantly. Each student will plan and execute a schedule that matches their personal interests and passions. Rather than being locked into a rigid curriculum that only allows for a handful of electives, the new academic program is built to provide as much freedom as possible for the student in choosing their courses. Where no course exists that matches an interest, students will be able to create their own independent study course under the guidance of a faculty mentor and the Academic Dean. The classes a student takes will truly be tailored to each individual and reflect their unique interests.

However, students will still be unified through the shared experience of a “Core” class where students will meet simultaneously with their entire grade level, providing an opportunity to learn from their peers. In addition to the traditional English, History or STEM offerings, the “Core” class will focus on helping students discover who they are, what they want to be, and to provide them with the proper skillset. As part of the program, students will learn how to take innate creativity and apply to innovative problem solving. The development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills will allow students to bridge the gap between having a great idea and bringing it to fruition.

“For the over 180 students we welcome onto our campus each year, we will become their exploratory think tank for reaching the world,” said Dr. Wirth. “It is more important than ever that we provide our students with an education that will allow them to be true global citizens no matter their interest. I have been a professional educator my entire career and what we are doing at West Nottingham Academy is truly ground-breaking. It isn’t about the latest technology but instead it stems from the faculty recognizing the need for education to evolve and coming together to create a solution.”

By building a plan around a common, communal experience while still allowing for student differentiation depending on interests and passions, West Nottingham Academy will give students the best of both worlds. Students will still have the joy of studying and learning what matters to them while simultaneously building the camaraderie with their classmates that forms through a shared experience.

For more information about West Nottingham Academy, including the new academic program, visit https://wnawebsitedev.wpengine.com

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