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West Nottingham Academy is equipped with a skilled team of healthcare professionals that provide a variety of wellness services including nursing care, counseling, athletic training, and nutritional education. Willow Gilcher, RN, is WNA’s Director of Health Services. Willow, who has 18 years of experience in the medical field, oversees and coordinates student needs to ensure the most effective, comprehensive care is delivered across the healthcare continuum.

Parent and Guardian Communication

Communication with parents and guardians is a key component to maintaining the overall health and wellness of our students. We value this partnership and encourage your interest in WNA’s healthcare team, services, and facilities.

For questions regarding health and wellness at WNA, contact the Director of Health Services, Willow Gilcher, RN at (410) 658-4954 or

On-Campus Health Center

Students in need of medical attention can visit the school’s registered nurse in the health center, easily accessible to all of campus. The nurse is available weekdays, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., for drop-in and scheduled appointments and is on-call for medical emergencies after school hours. The center is fully equipped to deliver comprehensive medical care for acute and chronic illnesses. From simple cuts, to more serious problems such as seizure disorders.

Health and wellness appointments are scheduled through the health center. Students requiring nursing intervention are treated in the health center while more invasive treatments are referred to and scheduled with the appropriate medical professional.

In addition to our campus resources, WNA has secured valuable partnerships with several local healthcare facilities to service all our student’s health and wellness needs. These partnerships include a primary care facility with psychiatric and gynecological services, a pharmacy, physical therapy, dental and orthodontics, ophthalmology, neurology, podiatry, orthopedic/sports medicine, and hand specialist services. Transportation to medical appointments is coordinated through the health suite and provided by the school.

All healthcare interactions with the school nurse are confidential and compliant with Maryland’s privacy laws. If a health concern warrants legal reporting, the student’s parents or guardians are notified and appropriate authorities are always contacted to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the student.

On-Campus Counseling

WNA provides mental health services for students via a licensed mental health practitioner who holds office hours each week. The counselor’s primary role is to support the students with daily stressors, interpersonal relationships, and assessment of other mental health needs. In a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, the counselor creates a safe environment for the students to explore teen issues, enhance emotional development, and strengthen communication strategies to assist them in coping with life away from home. By listening carefully, offering perspective and advice, the counselor is frequently able to help students navigate the social and academic challenges common to many adolescents and young adults. All discussions with the counselor are confidential and guided by Maryland’s privacy laws unless it is determined there is a legal reporting requirement at which time, the appropriate authorities and parents are contacted. When necessary, students demonstrating significant needs are referred to the appropriate healthcare professionals off-campus.

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Nutritional Services

WNA provides a unique nutrition option to students by offering independent nutritional services through the school’s registered dietician. Whether seeking advice for weight control, planning for healthier meals, or facing challenges of a dietary medical condition, students can access the registered dietician by appointment through the health center. The registered dietitian provides individualized dietary guidance by evaluating personal goals and food choices, designing nutrition programs to promote and protect health, and educating students to address symptoms associated with many types of eating disorders and medical conditions. The school dietician counsels students on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, assists with developing meal plans, and evaluates the effects of meal plans, altering choices when necessary to achieve successful outcomes.

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