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Holistic Health Services

At West Nottingham Academy, the health and safety of our students is our number one priority. We offer a robust array of services to support the health and social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students.

Health Services

Our Health Center, located in Rowland Dormitory, serves the health needs of the West Nottingham Academy community. Mrs. Gilcher, our Director of Health Services, is available to students Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and is on-call for emergencies 24/7. Mrs. Gilcher ‘98 is an RN, CM-DN, and a former operating room nurse with over 20 years of healthcare experience. She resides on campus.

Students needing urgent care may be sent to a local provider’s office, urgent care center, or emergency room.

Services provided include:

  • Medication administration and management
  • Triage of ill and injured students
  • Flu vaccine administration
  • Referral coordination
    • x-rays
    • laboratory work
    • physical therapy
    • off-campus medical provider

Parent and Guardian Communication

Communication with parents and guardians is a key component to maintaining the overall health and wellness of our students. We value this partnership and encourage your interest in WNA’s healthcare team, services, and facilities.

For questions regarding health and wellness at WNA, contact the Director of Health Services, Willow Gilcher, RN at wgilcher@wna.org.

Counseling Services


At West Nottingham, each student is assigned a “RamParent” (formerly called “advisor”), who is the student’s ‘parent’ on campus and the student’s primary point of contact, the advisor, and the “go to” person for any personal, academic, or emotional issues that arise. Most faculty and administrators serve as RamParents. RamParents are responsible for up to 6 students only and receive training throughout the year. Students are encouraged to meet 1:1 with their RamParent for any issues they are facing. The RamParent works closely with the student, their family, and the West Nottingham team. The same RamParent continues with the student throughout their multi-year stay at West Nottingham.

RamParents encourage open and honest dialog and provide effective and engaging structure, guidance, and support. Advising encompasses everything from creating a strong academic plan to helping navigate the challenges of everyday teenage life. All our RamParents are generally available on site and most reside on campus.

Dorm Parents

Every dormitory has four dorm parents assigned to it for the purpose of providing care and supervision, building community, establishing healthy living, and building relationships with the students. Dorm parents are trained to provide a high-quality residential life experience.

When the level of need exceeds the expertise of the RamParent and Dorm Parent, West Nottingham offers a range of counseling services.

Personal Counselor from Home

The Director of Health Services is the on-campus liaison with a student’s therapist or counselor from home to provide continuity. Our “Zoom Room” is a private location in Magraw Hall where students can have virtual sessions with their counselor from home.

Chesapeake Learning Center

The Chesapeake Learning Center (CLC) is our groundbreaking personalized education program which offers a custom learning plan for students who require additional structure and support. The Director of the CLC, Caitlin Chuey, MAT, is Special Education certified with over ten years of experience working with students. Her philosophy in working with students centers on fostering a stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued, supported and encouraged to reach their full potential. Her counseling expertise related to behavioral issues encountered by the students is available to all students at the Academy. She resides on campus.

Counselors and Therapists

In addition to the above, West Nottingham has available to our students a team of counselors – on-campus, off-campus, and virtual – who provide a wide range of counseling services. Counseling sessions are available for a fee by appointment as well as on an emergency basis. Counselors are trained in addressing issues of depression, stress, eating disorders, addiction, relationship problems, anxiety, grief, trauma and more.

Aileen “Mrs. Ai” Richardson, MA, MHC-LP, is a graduate of New York University (NYU) in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling. She specializes in pediatrics and family counseling and her work with youth has been focused on ADHD, Autism, ODD, eating disorders and disordered eating, anxiety, depression, grief, code switching and cultural dissonance, and family dysfunction. Mrs. Ai provides virtual counseling and accepts insurance from families from New York.

Jenny Miller, MLPC, provides virtual, on and off-campus appointments to West Nottingham students. Ms. Miller has her master’s degree in counseling with emphasis on Trauma and Crisis counseling and has been practicing since 2017.

Don Webb, psychotherapist, provides on and off-campus appointments to West Nottingham students. Mr. Webb is a therapist with over 40 years of counseling experience with young people and resides close to the campus.

Thus, every student at West Nottingham is supported and embraced by a circle of care to include their RamParent, dorm parent, teachers, coach, CLC Director, Director of Health Services, counselors, and parents.

Nutritional Services

WNA provides a unique nutrition option to students by offering independent nutritional services through the school’s registered dietician. Whether seeking advice for weight control, planning for healthier meals, or facing challenges of a dietary medical condition, students can access the registered dietician by appointment through the health center. The registered dietitian provides individualized dietary guidance by evaluating personal goals and food choices, designing nutrition programs to promote and protect health, and educating students to address symptoms associated with many types of eating disorders and medical conditions. The school dietician counsels students on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, assists with developing meal plans, and evaluates the effects of meal plans, altering choices when necessary to achieve successful outcomes.