NYU and Mindfulness
Enhancing Student Well-Being

West Nottingham Academy has partnered with New York University’s (NYU) Mindfulness Education Lab (MEL) to enhance student well-being through mindfulness practices. Spearheaded by Dr. Joshua Aronson, a leading social psychologist and Director of MEL, this program aims to create a supportive and mindful learning environment. The initiative includes mindfulness sessions, workshops, staff training, and integration into the freshman core class. Through this collaboration, students and staff gain practical tools to manage stress, improve focus, and foster emotional regulation, contributing to a holistic and balanced educational experience.

Breathe, Focus, Thrive

Mentor: Dr Joshua Aronson

Dr. Joshua Aronson is a distinguished social psychologist and the Director of the Mindfulness Education Lab (MEL) at New York University (NYU). Renowned for his pioneering work in the field of psychology, Dr. Aronson focuses on the impact of mindfulness on student well-being and academic performance. His innovative research and practices have significantly contributed to the understanding of how mindfulness can enhance learning environments. As the leader of MEL, Dr. Aronson brings his expertise to West Nottingham Academy, where he conducts workshops, trains staff, and integrates mindfulness into the curriculum, fostering a supportive and mindful community.


🎗️ Cultivating a Supportive and Mindful Community

West Nottingham Academy is thrilled to collaborate with New York University’s (NYU) Mindfulness Education Lab (MEL) to enhance mindfulness practices on our campus. This partnership is dedicated to promoting student well-being and fostering a supportive, mindful learning environment.

🌐 Expert Guidance from NYU’s Mindfulness Education Lab

Leading this initiative is Dr. Joshua Aronson, Director of MEL and a renowned social psychologist. He and his team introduced mindfulness to our community during the opening weekend in August 2023, setting a positive tone for the academic year.

📚 Ongoing Workshops and Training

Throughout the year, Dr. Aronson and his team have continued their engagement with West Nottingham Academy. They have conducted numerous workshops designed to deepen the understanding and practice of mindfulness among students and staff. These sessions have equipped participants with practical tools to manage stress, improve focus, and enhance overall well-being.

🏫 Integrating Mindfulness into the Curriculum

In addition to workshops, Dr. Aronson has played a pivotal role in integrating mindfulness into the academic curriculum. By teaching a section of the freshman core class, he has ensured that mindfulness is a foundational element of the student experience at West Nottingham Academy. This integration helps students develop resilience, emotional regulation, and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Building a Mindful Future

Our collaboration with NYU’s Mindfulness Education Lab exemplifies West Nottingham Academy’s commitment to holistic education. We believe that mindfulness practices are essential for creating a balanced and supportive learning environment. By fostering these practices, we aim to empower our students to thrive both academically and personally.

Exclusive To WNA Students!

This program is exclusively curated for the benefit of WNA Students. We are a campus that is thiving to inculcate mindfulness in students and help them becoming part of a community dedicated to enhancing well-being and academic success.