MIT's AI Education – Fellowships at WNA

We need driven, passionate educators — who want to learn to implement AI in classroom.

Mentor: Dr Manolis Kellis

Dr. Manolis Kellis, Ph.D., is a distinguished Professor of Computer Science at MIT and heads the MIT Computational Biology Group. He is an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where he contributes to groundbreaking research in genomics and computational biology. As a Principal Investigator at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Dr. Kellis leads projects that intersect biology, machine learning, and data science. His work is pivotal in understanding genetic and molecular mechanisms of disease, advancing precision medicine, and unraveling the complexities of human biology through computational approaches.

Calling All Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate Students for Sabbatical – 1 to 3 Year Duration

Are you ready to dive into the future of education and pioneer the integration of AI in the classroom?

We’re seeking passionate undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who are eager to embark on a journey of exploration and real life experimentation with AI in education.


🎓 Collaborative Learning

Work hand in hand with students and Dr. Kellis to unlock the potential of AI in classrooms.

🌐 On-Going Access to MIT AI Education Lab

Get access to MIT’s education lab where pioneering research meets hands-on learning.

🔬 Mentorship by World’s Best – MIT

Team up with Dr. Manolis Kellis, an AI education expert. Under his guidance and direction, you’ll refine your skills and gain invaluable insights.

🏫 Pilot Program in Maryland

An hour away from Philadelphia, PA, our fellowship takes place at West Nottingham Academy in scenic Colora, Maryland.

💻 Cutting Edge Technology

You’ll have the opportunity to implement cutting-edge AI technologies developed by MIT exclusively for WNA, shape educational practices, and inspire the next generation of learners.

⭐️ Stipend, Accommodation & Meals

Our fellowship includes a stipend, accommodation, and meals on our serene, strolling 100-acre campus at WNA, offering a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Start Date: Immediate but No Later than August 15, 2024

We’re on the lookout for talent from all fields: Whether your background is from the humanities, arts, mathematics, science, education, or psychology, we’re looking for a team with a wide and diverse range of experiences.

No AI or coding background needed — just bring your passion for education.

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