Dual Enrolment Opportunities
Earning College Credits

West Nottingham Academy is excited to offer dual enrollment opportunities for our seniors through partnerships with the University of Delaware (UD) and Cecil College. These programs provide students with the unique chance to earn college credits while still in high school, giving them a head start on their higher education journey.

Entrepreneurial Skills with UD's EntreX Lab

In collaboration with the University of Delaware, our students can participate in the UD Horn Entrepreneurship’s EntreX Lab dual enrollment program. This innovative program is designed to equip students with essential entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for future success in a dynamic and ever-changing global market. By engaging in real-world projects and learning from experienced entrepreneurs, students gain valuable insights and hands-on experience that set them apart.

Simultaneous High School and College Credits with Cecil College

Our partnership with Cecil College allows WNA seniors to satisfy their high school credit requirements while simultaneously earning college credits. This dual enrollment program is subject to GPA requirements and approval, ensuring that students are academically prepared to take on the challenge. Through this collaboration, students can experience college-level coursework and build a strong academic foundation for their future studies.

Why Choose Dual Enrollment?

🏁 Head Start on College

Earn college credits while still in high school, reducing the time and cost of obtaining a college degree.

📚 Enhanced Learning

Benefit from advanced coursework and real-world experiences that enhance your high school education.

🧑‍💻 Skill Development

Gain critical skills, such as entrepreneurship and academic rigor, that are valuable for future success.

🏫 College Readiness

Experience college-level academics and build confidence for the transition to higher education.

Exclusive To WNA Seniors!

West Nottingham Academy is dedicated to providing our students with exceptional opportunities for growth and learning. Our dual enrollment programs with the University of Delaware and Cecil College are designed to support your academic ambitions and prepare you for a bright future.

If you are a senior at WNA and interested in taking advantage of these dual enrollment opportunities, we encourage you to speak with your academic advisor to learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process. These programs are an excellent way to challenge yourself, gain valuable college experience, and set the stage for academic and professional success.