Wrestling Results

December 13th- Home Match vs. Conrad School of Science

West Nottingham Academy has not had mats rolled out in Ware Field House since at least 2009, and maybe even before that date. On this day, the mats were once again out on the gym floor and your Rams took to the mat with great confidence and pride.

The day was a win overall for the team in so many ways. We set a tone and atmosphere right from our warmups on, we bounced back from witnessing a teammate get injured by firing off three straight pins, we dropped a few matches and then battled back in a few matches right away, we fought through adversity over and over again, and we ultimately represented WNA extremely well with our performance as well as our respect towards our opponents and officials.

Stand out performances came from the support we received from the community as we approached the event and as they cheered for us from the bleachers, Michael Holmes scored three pins, Chase Pugh scored two more, and Kiia Huovinen remained undefeated with three pins of her own. Reagan Ramadan had her best day to date with two timely pins and Nico Ferrari and Atiq Paykar added to the successes of the day with a pair of nice wins as well.

We head into this weekend for our toughest tournament of the season so far at William Penn High School, and one of the hardest that we will attend all season. The work that we have put in so far is paying off and the break that will follow this weekend is coming at a good time so we can heal and attack the last half of the season with courage and a string desire to work for our season goals.

December 10th- Springside Chestnut Hill Invitational

On the day after a successful mid-level tournament, the Rams took to I-95 for a trip to Springside Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia. The competition was at least one step up from the previous day and probably more like two. Nonetheless, our grapplers took to the mat with some of the best and absolutely held their own. Almost every wrestler scored points for the Rams and we quadrupled our score at the same tournament last year by compiling 52 points (13 last year).

This achievement is just one more step in the beginning of many for this young program and it was highlighted by the perseverance of both our Captain, Atiq Paykar, and a standout freshman, Michael Holmes. Atiq battled in every match – often going to the third period – and took a PA state placer from last year to the very brink when he was leading with just 15 second left to go in the third period. Though the match did not end in his favor, Atiq personifies how far this team has come in just one year. Michael lost his first match of the tournament – and only his second of the entire season – when he encountered a very tough draw in the first round. As it can often happen in a tournament, Michael had the opportunity to wrestle the same opponent to see who would place at the end of the day. He bounced back and not only beat his foe, but he dominated the match and finished him with a pin. That is exactly the kind of competitive identity that we are looking to build and applaud here on the mats at WNA.

The team continues to grow and show real potential for a great second half of the season. Hosting our first home match in 13 years will be the next big test for the Rams.

December 9th- Westtown Invitational

The Rams traveled to Westtown to see where they stood in their development over the past year. Westtown hosts a high-level JV tournament each year, so the goal was to see if we have moved beyond good JV level competition and have truly become a varsity caliber program in just one year. The result was a clear one – WE ARE PREPARED TO TAKE ON HIGHER LEVEL COMPETITION!

Eleven Wrestlers represented WNA at The Westtown JV Invitational and 6 of them placed in the top three spots. Michael Holmes was the tournament champion in his weigh class. Chase Pugh and Nele Schunke both placed 2nd. And Atiq Paykar, Sino Yzbashi, and Nicoal Ferarri all took home bronze.

The team placed 4th overall in a field of 10 pretty experienced programs – finishing ahead of programs from Haverford, Episcopal Academy, Westtown, and Unionville. This was a great step in the right direction as we head into the more challenging tournaments on our schedule.

December 4th- Abingdon Friends Girls Tournament

Sunday, December 4th was a historic day at West Nottingham Academy! For the first time EVER, the Athletics Department sent a team of Girl Wrestlers to compete in a tournament. In just one year the program has grown and now the Rams sport three competitors in the ten possible girls weight classes. On Sunday, those three girls set the tone for great things to come at WNA by walking confidently into a gym and WINNING THE TOURNAMENT!!!

Nele Schunke started the day off with a hard fought and grueling 8-3 win over her opponent. She followed that win with two more and a 1st place finish for the day. Kiia Huovinen had a similar day earning three pins in her first three competitive matches and ending with a 1st place finish. Reagan Ramadan quickly pinned her first opponent and then ran into a Girls National Qualifier in her second match. That second match ended up a three-period battle in which Reagan ended up losing a decision, but her opponent now knows that there is a serious challenger in her neighborhood when it comes to Nationals. Reagan ended the day 2-1 and finished 2nd in her pool.

All told, the Rams had two champions and one runner-up and took home FIRST PLACE from this event. Per usual, the wins and first-place finish were bonuses on the day. Our group conducted themselves with class and dignity in all aspects of the day. From the warm-up, to thanking the officials and hosts, to sharing and encouraging word to injured opponents, the Rams were the champions of this first day in every aspect. There is a lot of upside to this group and we can not wait to see what they are capable of achieving this historic season.

December 3rd- Admiral Holloway Invitational

The Wrestling team began its quest to step the program up a notch by traveling back to St. James School for the Admiral Holloway Tournament on Saturday. Many of the tournaments that your Rams will be competing in this year are the same as last year so that we can compare the two seasons and see how far we have come.

Like last year the team departed campus at 5:00am on a frigid morning with 12 wrestlers entered in the event. The commitment that this group has shown so far this year is admirable and early mornings on the weekend are just part of this sport. Right from the start our Rams demonstrated that commitment by winning almost half of our first-round matches – nearly equaling our total wins at this same tournament last season. As the day progressed the wins kept piling up. On the day, the Rams compiled a 20-22 record – increasing our total wins from last year by 15!!! Michael Holmes dominated his was to a 3rd place finish along with fellow 9th grader Chase Pugh who wore his opponents down in his wins. Team Captain, Atiq Paykar (12th), went 3-2 on the day along with first year wrestler Nicola Ferrari (12th). Sino Yzbashi (10th), Reagan Ramadan (9th), and Marquise Eure (11th) all went 2-2 on the day and finished just one match from placing in the tournament.

The wins that were NOT the only impressive thing about your Rams. Just like last year, it was only our group that was walking around with trash bags cleaning up the entire area around our bleachers at the end of the day. We sent a significant number of wrestlers out to compete in their first ever matches and they did so with clear eyes and brave hearts. The best part was to see that they really want to win so badly even though they are limited in experience. As the Coach of this group, I am very proud of how they compete, challenge themselves and one another, and how they conduct themselves in both victory and defeat. Because of those things, I feel as though we left St. James undefeated on the day.




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