Volleyball Results


October 13th: WNA 3- Gunston 0

Lead by NINE aces from A. Luconi ’23 your Rams continued their winning ways today against Gunston in Ware Fieldhouse. Six other Rams scored aces in the match and four different WNA players scored three or more kills. This marks the first match win for WNA on their home court this season and their second in a row.

With a busy schedule this week and a tournament on the weekend, the Rams used eleven different players in their three sets today. Though the first set was a bit of a struggle with WNA pulling off a 25-22 victory, the second set saw your Rams pick up the energy and knock off Gunston 25-13. In the final set of the day almost the entire team got to see the floor and begin getting more used to quality minutes in a match situation. That set finished 25-23 and WNA completed their 3-0 match win.

The variety of players seeing the rotation today will pay dividends for the Rams as we head down the stretch and push to be the best version of ourselves by the time the MIL playoffs begin.

October 12th: WNA 3- DVCS 2

Your Rams played an incredibly exciting, competitive, and inspirational match against DVCS in an away match. It suffices to say that this team was on a roller coaster for the entirety of this match and, in the end, they were able to raise their arms smiling, victorious, and proud of their courage and determination.

The first set was a back-and-forth affair and, at one point, it looked as though DVCS was going to pull away with ease. However, right when it mattered most, R. Bass ’26, A.Luconi ’23, and J.Odige ’23 combined efforts to score key points for WNA and the set was tied at 23. Delaware Valley scored the next point, and it looked as if the set was going to come to a close, but all six players on the court battled hard and drew the set even. In the end, DVCS was able to pull out the set 28-26, but the warning the Rams sent was felt by their opponents; these Rams were different than the ones they played about a month ago and they were there to make them work for every set.

The second set got off to a bad start with DVCS scoring the first 6 points on their serve. But just as they did in the first set, the Rams fought back by capitalizing on their opponents’ mistakes and strategically placing pushes to the corners and nicely timed tips, by J.Odige ’23, R. Bass ’26, A. Luconi ’23, and N. Schunke ’24. Strong and consistent serves from D. Sapp ’25 and C. Bienkowski ’26 ,and strong net play from R. Ramadan ’26 put the Rams in good position to take the set, but they ultimately fell short of coming all the way back.

It was at this point that WNA took advantage of the overconfidence of their opponents and completely swung the momentum of the match. Interestingly, the third set began a lot like the second. DVCS ran out to a 6-1 lead. However, this time when the Rams began to score timely points and send consistent serves over the net it was clear that the Titans were starting to feel the pressure. With the score knotted up at 24, C.Bienkowski ’26 took the serve and brought the set home beginning the WNA comeback.

The fourth set went neck and neck for a while again until R. Bass ’26 took the serve and gave WNA a four-point lead. To their credit, DVCS pulled the score even at 22. J. Odige ’23 scored on two very strong serves, and it looked like the set was over. DVCS was determined to make closing it out difficult for the Rams and the final point of the set required a very smart play by R. Bass ’26 to take the set 25-22.

It seemed it was all over after that…..buuuuuuut….with a lead of 13-7 in the fifth and deciding set, DVCS ripped off 6 straight points. Another very intelligent play from A. Luconi ’23 on a deep push shot that caught DVCS off guard and the match was won. It was a great comeback and the celebration by the team was exciting to see

October 11th: WNA 1- PCA 3

The Rams started well…actually, they started roaring HOT! After jumping out to an early lead the Providence Christian Coach quickly called a timeout. The Griffins rebounded and made the set a very competitive one. WNA lost to Providence Christian the last time we played them and there were very few competitive points. In this first set, our girls had PCA on their heels and they needed to fight hard to get themselves back in the match. At the end of the first set, C.Bienkowski ’26 took the match in her hands and delivered several great serves to close out the first frame 25-20 in favor of WNA.

The Griffins came out in the second set seeking vengeance for the first. They ran up a significant lead that proved too much for WNA to overcome. However, many of the points were vigorously contested and PCA knew they were in for a challenging home stretch if they were going to take the win.

In the final two sets A.Luconi ’23 continued to serve well and tallied five aces as well as two kills. Jenniah added to the three kills she had in the first two sets by downing five more kills and three very nice digs. N. Schunke ’24 had two very nice kills and some quality digs. D. Sapp ’25 , R. Ramadan ’26, and R. Bass ’26  played hard at the net and in the back. Unfortunately, it was just not enough to take the final two sets and PCA took home the win.

September 30th: WNA 2- Tri State 3

Your Rams have come such a long way in a very short amount of time. The Head Coach from Tri-State went out of his way to congratulate the team on the amount of improvement they have made since the last time these two teams saw one another. He made clear that his team gained a tremendous amount of respect for our girls, and he is excited to see how much we improve leading into the playoffs.

Today, the Rams took to the court and put forth a massive effort. They won a very close first set – beating Tri-State in a set for the first time in a while – and the roar that came from our huddle was enough to make the hair on your neck stand up. If Tri-State was taking us lightly in the first set, they absolutely were not in the second. Even though they were doing everything to pick up their game, WNA rose to the occasion again took set two in front of loud and supportive fans.

In the third set it was clear that Tri-State had one more gear to kick into and their experience in close matches started to shine through. They jumped out to an early lead and began to take the momentum out of the gym. After winning a one-sided 3rd set, the Crusaders went on to grab the 4th and then ultimately the deciding 5th set. They did not do it without having to put in hard work l, which was something they were clearly not planning on doing when they stepped on our campus this day. They will know better from now on.

Our play was lead, per usual, by the effort of our Captain, J.Odige ’23, who lead the team with 5 kills. She was strongly supported by 8 aces from A.Luconi ’23 and 12 digs from N.Schunke ’24. Our Rams put the entire league on notice in this match. Our goal is to make it so that no one wants to face us in the playoffs because they know we’re a dangerous team and we are well on our way. GO RAMS!!!

September 23rd: WNA 3- FCA 0

This was a day that your Rams have been building towards for a few weeks now. After a few matches of playing better and better on each outing, despite what the score of those matches might have suggested, everything came together and WNA dominated FCA!

R.Bass ’26 opened the game with a great serve that allowed the Rams to jump out to an early lead and never look back. Over the course of a 25-18 victory in the set, J.Odige ’23 showed strong leadership and amazing athleticism to score several points. C.Bienkowski ’26 played her always reliable brand of volleyball and A.Luconi ’23 provided great passing. A.Nicastro ’23 added some great serves switching in for R.Ramadan ’26 who brought energy and string defense while she was on the floor. In this first set, it was very clear that the Rams have a strategy that is coming together.

The second set started in a similar manner. This time J.Odige’s ’23 serve proved strong and A.Luconi ’23 made several smart plays to take the wind out of FCA whenever they started to garner momentum. The serving practice that Coach Muhammad had the team do before getting on the bus really showed and, once again, the strategic substitutions that were made put the Rams in the drivers’ seat late in the set. H.Hayne ’23 provided some great passes and A.Nicastro ’23 stepped in to serve once again to end the set.

The final set was an incredible performance and total domination by your Rams. Though FCA made our girls earn every point, your Rams made athletic, smart, and aggressive plays on each serve to overcome their opponents. This was a total team effort.

It was a great day to witness the WNA volleyball team take another huge step this season. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to show how much we have grown in our next home match.

September 22nd: WNA 0- AGCS 3

The conditions were difficult to play in to say the least. Avon Grove Charter has a very small gym that puts the spectators almost right on the court during the action. Despite the hostile environment, the Rams gathered themselves and played a very competitive and determined match!

The first set started with the teams exchanging point. Led by team Captain, J.Odige ’23, and always steady 9th grader, C.Bienkowski, our Rams let their opponents know that we were here to play on this day. When R.Bass ’26 took the ball to serve the tension mounted as she made it difficult for our opponents to control the ball.

The second set saw our Rams push Avon Grove to the very brink of their patience was spearheaded, once again, by strong serving from R.Bass ’26, J.Odige ’23, and steady placement by A.Nicastro ’23. Though the Rams fell 25-21 in this set, it was clear that Avon Grove was feeling a bit on their heels by the time it ended.

The third set started off…slowly. AGCS jumped out to a massive lead, but the Rams collected themselves and refused to go home without a fight. Once again, R.Bass ’26 fired off eight straight serves that lead to points and she was followed shortly after by three great serves from new team member, N.Schunke ’24, who stepped right into the lineup and made an immediate impact.

We will get another shot at Avon Grove when we see them for Homecoming and the team is confident that we will be a far better team at our next encounter.

September 20th: WNA 0- Aquinas 3

The Rams took to the court for a matchup with league rival Aquinas this afternoon. WNA prepped for the match with a lot of excitement because we have new members joining the team and our play is beginning to come together.

Aquinas clearly had a lot of experienced players that included a very powerful outside hitter, an accurate setter, and a libero who seemed to get to every ball. Despite these facts your Rams came out to a fast and competitive start to the first set. As the match went on the experience of our opponents showed and Aquinas pulled away on some very nice serves. Nevertheless, the Rams pushed on and often made it difficult for their foes to score points.

We are very excited about the addition of Alessia Luconi ’23 because her experience and enthusiasm made an immediate impact on the team in just the two days that she has been on campus. Coach Muhammad said, “we are positioned to grow a lot over the next few weeks, and I know we will be putting a great product on the floor by the time we reach homecoming in a month”.

September 16th: WNA 0- PCA 3

Today, your Rams became a true team. They made their opponents work hard for each point and they stuck together through the most trying momentum swings in each set. The end result of losing all three sets does NOT do the game justice in any regard. Moral victories do not count as W’s on the record, and winning the match is absolutely the goal that the Rams are working hard to achieve, but to define today as a loss would be ignoring realities that are worth recognizing. The process may be a long one, but the team is committed to traveling that path as evidence today.

9th graders Casey Bienkowski and RJ Bass demonstrated tremendous tenacity as they ran down ball after ball and set up several scoring opportunities. Mandy Nicastro went on an ace spree and put the Rams right back in a competitive position in a hard second set. The highlight of the match was watching Senior Captain, Jenniah Odige, lead by example as she dove and sprinted to the ball all over the gym and pull her team together after each point to build them up and encourage continued effort in all areas of the match.


Watching this group face adversity and come even closer together through the hardest times was inspiring and enjoyable for all of the community in attendance. Also, when the spectators roared out the chorus of our Alma Mater it was moving and gave Coach Michelsen chills to hear it in our gym again. Thank you, everyone, for the great support!

September 15th: WNA 1- Mt.Carmel 3

The Rams traveled to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and they brought their courage and best effort with them. It is no secret that the team this year does not have a lot of experience playing Varsity level Volleyball, so when they walk into a gym and see that the team, they are playing has fifteen girls on it and that at least four of them stood 5’10”, or taller, it would have been reasonable to think that they would have been shaken. NOT TODAY!!!

From the outset our Rams went toe-to-toe with the Panthers and the first set quickly became the most exciting and inspiring set that the team has played all season. Casey Bienkowski proved to be the spearhead of the Ram attack accounting for 10 points with Ellie Sapp and Jenniah Odige flanking her with 6 points each. Our side took a 21-18 lead, and it was looking like we were going to take our first set of the season without too much resistance…but that wasn’t to be. The Panthers captured the momentum and ripped off three very fast points. Coach Muhammad wisely called a timeout and the Rams collected themselves. This is the kind of moment that has proven difficult to overcome so far this season for WNA, but today they took a huge step in the right direction by battling back, swinging the momentum in their favor, and scoring 4 of the next 5 points to secure their first set win of the season. The ROAR that came from them was infectious!

The next set was a back-and-forth struggle for much of the set as well. Hayley Hayne had some impressive digs, Jenniah Odige could be seen going headlong into the gym floor in all directions to keep the ball alive scoring 6 of the Rams points in the set, and RJ Bass was placing her sets in some great spots. The Panthers, however, proved to be a little too much in this set and relied on the strong serve of two key players to down our Rams 25-15.

Set four started out as if the girls were thinking of packing and going home…but they did it again…they fought hard in the middle of the set and, in the face of frustration and mounting odds, they clawed their way back into a set that they might have won. Jenniah once again sacrificed knees and elbows to get to every ball she could, and Casey kept urging her teammates on each time she sent the ball back across the net. Hayley scored on some measured and consistent serves, Ellie found a way to win some impressive bumps, Reagan Ramadan brought her never-ending support of her teammates and tireless effort, and the entire team made contributions as Mandy Nicastro and Eniola Semowo enthusiastically came off the bench to join in on the cause. Though the team dropped this set 25-18, it was clear that we were right there, and we all knew it.

In the end, the excitement of the match and the endless adrenaline dumps that happen in Volleyball took their toll and Mt. Carmel pulled away to a large victory in set three. Nonetheless, there are so many great things that the Rams took from the day. First of all, WE CAN DO IT! We won a set and pressured a team with much more experience forcing them into a lot of mistakes and frustrating them as we did it. Second, we know that the work we have been doing is showing up on the court. And finally, when we are together, we are SO MUCH STRONGER!

The Rams are looking forward to the next time we get to show our improvement…TOMORROW IN OUR OWN GYM!

September 13th: WNA 0- DVCS 0

West Nottingham Academy Varsity Volleyball took on Delaware Valley Classical School in Ware Fieldhouse. The Rams are working hard and have made substantial improvements in the last few matches, under new Head Coach Ameenah Muhammad, and they put that work on display during the match this afternoon.

The first set saw their opponent get out to an early lead and then the Rams started to split points in a back-and-forth battle for several services. Reagan Ramadan ’26 rotated into her turn as the WNA server and pulled the team close to even on three straight great serves. Team Captain Jenniah Odige ’23 was hustling all over the court to keep the Rams in the set, but DVCS pulled away and the score was soon 0-1.

The second set is where the team truly started to settle in and show that they are making huge strides in the early part of this season. Our Rams played their absolute best set of the year so far and those in the gym took notice and provided outstanding support. After the first few points left the score 3-2, Casey Bienkowki ’26, RJ Bass ’26, and Jenniah Odige ’23 all made crucial serves that put WNA slightly ahead. When Ellie Sapp ’25 took the ball she sent serve after serve over the net scoring a few aces and forcing hard volleys from her opponents and the Rams ran out to a distinct lead forcing the Titans to call a timeout. Energy and confidence were pouring out of the home side at this point, but the set slipped away in a hard fought last few points as DVCS rotated their best server in to finish thing out.

In the 3rd and final set, the team showed some grit by digging deep to win some hard points. One particular play showed the kind of determination that it takes to build a winning team and two Rams collided, but still kept the ball in play. They hustled to the ball and made their opponents work for each point in the victory. In the end, the team should be very proud of just how far they have come in such a short period of time.

There is no doubt that the continued effort that this team is putting into their work and the pride growing in them as they improve will begin to pay off in big ways. Anybody who saw them play today is certainly proud of them. Go Rams!

September 9th: WNA 0- Tri State 3

West Nottingham Academy varsity volleyball lost 0-3 to Tri State Christian Academy Away, but the girls showed their developing skills during a fast-paced, highly competitive game against a talented opponent.

Set one was a great start for WNA, as the team won the coin toss, with R. Bass ’26 beginning with a strong serve. The team had a 3 point lead for the first few plays. Senior co-captain A. Josephs and E. Sapp ‘25 hustled throughout the game providing many back and front row digs. Senior Co-captain J. Odige and Freshman C. Bienkowski aggressively held down the outside rows, making every attempt to keep the ball in the game. The team started to play more competitively during set two. R. Ramadan 26’, and H. Hayne ’24 strongly supported the setter, R. Bass ’26. Senior M. Nicastro made a great impact with her successful serving debut. E. Semowo ’24 provided great support at the net. The team takes on Delaware Valley Classical School at home on Tuesday September 13th. Go Rams!

September 6th: WNA 0- Tome 3

West Nottingham Academy varsity volleyball lost 0-3 to Tome at home, but the girls quickly progressed during a fast-paced, highly motivated game play against a talented opponent.

Set one was a slow start for WNA, with Freshman R. Bass providing the fuel for the Rams’ offense. Senior co-captain A. Josephs hustled for back row digs to keep the defensive line moving.

The team came alive during set two. Josephs, C. Bienkowski ’26, R. Ramadan 26’, and H. Hayne ’24 strongly supported the serving anchor of the day, Senior Co-captain J. Odige, as they gave 4 consecutive strong serves. Bass and Bienkowski helped light up net play, while Josephs stayed consistent with strong back row digs.  E. Sapp ‘25 had great defensive play from the middle and strong serving.

E. Semowo ‘24 and M. Nicastro ‘23 joined and added support at the net during set 3. The team’s encouragement and teamwork shined throughout the night, and strong work ethic was evident.

The team takes on Tri – City away on Friday. Go Rams! Thanks

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