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Ameenah Muhammad

Head Volleyball Coach








Kacey Michelsen

Assistant Volleyball Coach






Season Preview

The Rams are looking to rebuild this season after losing some pivotal seniors from the lineup from last year. New coach, Ameenah Muhammad is looking to step in and build this program from the ground up.

This year’s roster is led by returning seniors, Jenniah Odige, and Avian Josephs, both of whom will be stepping into the roles of team captain this season. Both Odige, and Josephs bring knowledge, and experience that will help to grow the new and incoming players around them. There will be a lot of growing to do as a team, but with the energy, and grit that this young group of girls have, the Rams are up for the challenge of this season.

2022 Schedule

9/6/2022 TOME 4:00 HOME L 0-3
9/9/2022 TRI STATE CHRISTIAN 4:00 AWAY L 0-3
9/13/2022 DELAWARE VALLEY 4:00 HOME L 0-3
9/15/2022 MT CARMEL 4:15 AWAY L 1-3
9/20/2022 AQUINAS 4:00 HOME L 0-3
9/22/2022 AVON GROVE 4:00 AWAY L 0-3
9/23/2022 FCA 6:00 AWAY W 3-0
9/30/2022 TRI STATE CHRISTIAN 4:00 HOME L 2-3
10/12/2022 DELAWARE VALLEY 3:30 AWAY W 3-2
10/11/2022 PCA 4:00 HOME L 1-3
10/14/2022 AQUINAS 4:00 HOME L 0-3
10/18/2022 FCA 4:00 HOME L 2-3
10/22/2022 AVON GROVE 3:00PM HOMECOMING L 0-3
10/26/2022 TOME 4:00 AWAY  L 0-3

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2022 Roster

Jersey # First Name Last Name Grade
4 Avian Josephs Senior
5 Nele Schunke Junior
11 Jenniah Odige Senior
12 Hayley Hayne Junior
25 Eniola Semowo Junior
30 Reagan Ramadan Freshman
33 Casey Bienkowski Freshman
34 Jael Faran Sophomore
35 Elianna Sapp Sophomore
40 Mandy Nicastro Senior
41 RJ Bass Freshman
44 Alessia Luconi Senior
MGR Vy Le Truong Senior

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