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Marygrace Kennedy completed her MA in Museum Studies and Historic Preservation at the University of Florida in December 2020 and holds a BA in History and International Relations from Boston University. Marygrace focuses on historical narrative and collective memory, specifically how the different stories, events, and places we choose to preserve shape our contemporary social and political identities. Her Master’s thesis explores the power and efficacy of coastal historic sites and museums to foster dialogue about the threat of sea-level rise to coastal communities and the ability of these institutions to inspire climate action and resilience. In summer 2019, Marygrace interned with the Preservation Institute Nantucket and helped to conceptualize ACKlimate Nantucket, a public-private partnership focused on supporting innovative and holistic approaches and communication addressing climate change and sea-level rise for the Nantucket community and beyond. In summer 2020, Marygrace interned with Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, where she helped to research and design a future exhibit on the death penalty in America. Simultaneously, Marygrace contributed to the research and curation of an online art exhibit featuring prominent pieces from the Glen Foerd on the Delaware Museum collection. At West Nottingham Academy, Marygrace is teaching history and ethics, researching preservation grants, and developing curated pages on the history and people of West Nottingham for the school’s website.

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