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Director of International Programming

Katie Harkins begins her first year at WNA as Director of International Programs. She has eight years as an educator around the world–from California and Massachusetts to Spain and Costa Rica. She received her B.A. in International Studies and TESOL from American University in Washington, DC and completed her M.A. in International Education in Madrid, Spain. The two main adjectives her students and colleagues use to describe her are energetic and passionate, which can be seen inside the classroom through vigorously dynamic activities, as well as outside the classroom as the loudest fan at school games or leading a Zumba class. Her purpose behind teaching English to speakers of other languages stems from her own love of learning languages with varying success: Spanish, Polish, and her mother’s native language of Tagalog. English is an extremely difficult language to learn, and navigating the history and culture of the Anglosphere can be even more challenging. Nevertheless, being able to communicate fully and effectively supersedes the difficulties and is ultimately the best reward.

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