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STEM Department Chair

Joseph Graziosi comes to West Nottingham with a rich boarding school background growing up at and teaching math and science at boarding schools for nearly 35 years. He is uniquely qualified to lead the STEM program at WNA having spent much of his pre-educator career working in the field of engineered sales focusing on developing new applications for existing technology to assist both the public and private sector to overcome water and wastewater issues. He left the industry in the mid 1990’s to pursue his lifelong passion for education.

In the classroom, Mr. Graziosi takes a positive approach to teaching, facilitating growth and a love of learning in his students. In a subject area where many students struggle, Mr. G builds on student’s strengths expediting confidence as they move to more advanced levels.

On the athletic field, Coach G focuses on character development, mental toughness, and fun; a formula that has led him to more than 400 combined wins and 19 conference championships in soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse over the last 10 years. As AD his teams won 43 Conference and 4 New England Prep Championships between 2012 and 2018.

He holds a B.A. in Communications, a Master Certification in ESE Giftedness, and a M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning. When he is not teaching, or coaching Mr. Graziosi is an ardent musician and enjoys spending time with his family. His personal mantra comes from the Roman epic poet Virgil, “They are able who think they are able.”

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