Girls Varsity Soccer Results


October 17th, 2022

Loss WNA 0- Jemicy 4

The Girl’s Soccer Team travelled to Jemicy and fell short on the scoreboard 4-0.  The Fabulous Footballers of Nottingham played their best match of the season demonstrating all of the characteristics we are building into the program including integrity, grit, and mental toughness.  Our girls took on a Jemicy team that was 20 deep and played with 11 players for the entire match.  Every girl on the team played the full 80 minutes without a break.  This was an impressive improvement.

October 11th, 2022

Loss WNA 2- Cristo Rey 5

The WNA Footballers hosted league rival Cristo Ray and played with a great deal of grit and determination against a very physical opponent.  Our girls never backed down and demonstrated toughness to overcome their opponent.  This is clearly their best effort thus far this season, and although they fell short 5-2, the WNA girls came together as a team had had each others backs throughout the match.

October 10th, 2022

Loss WNA 1- Delaware Valley Friends 6

The match at Delaware Valley Friends School did not start well for the girls’ footballers as they fell behind 3-0 in the first four minutes of the match.  Once the girls got their feet under them and woke up, they played with purpose and worked hard to get back into the match.  WNA had a difficult time keeping the defense organized and this led to DVFS having the ability to score in numbers up situations several more times.  Our girls fought hard but came up short 6-1.

October 7th, 2022

Loss WNA 0- Rockbridge 7

The WNA Girls Footballers travelled to Rockbridge Academy for their homecoming.  Rockbridge is a strong program with a deep bench and the WNA girls played with outstanding effort and determination.  The Rams demonstrated improvement in all aspects of their game and, although the scoreboard did not show it, had a positive and successful match.

October 5th, 2022

Loss WNA 0- Cristo Rey 4

The West Nottingham Girls Soccer Team travelled to Baltimore to play Cristo Rey Jesuit School and came out on the short end of a 4-0 score.  The match was far more competitive than the score indicates as the Fabulous Footballers of Nottingham held the run of play in the match but struggled finishing on the turf field.  Our girls demonstrated a great deal of resilience and character as they fought hard against a physical and vocal opponent.

October October 3rd, 2022

Loss WNA 0- Chapelgate 9

September 29th, 2022

Loss WNA 0- FCA 10

The WNA Girls Football Team hosted league powerhouse FCA and put on a courageous performance against a superior opponent.  With several player injured or missing today, The Fabulous Footballers of Nottingham took the field with the only eleven players we have left and put on an audacious performance.  Most of the girls played the full time of the match and never relented under a strenuous assault by their opponents.  This was an awesome performance

September 27th, 2022

Loss: WNA 2- Mt. Carmel 10

The Fabulous Footballers of Nottingham hosted Our Lady of Mount Carmel of Baltimore, a young team that demonstrated a great deal of skill.  The Rams fell behind early in the match and struggled to stay composed in the first half.  At halftime, Coach Graziosi spoke to the girls about mental toughness and hard work, and our girls responded by playing the best half of soccer thus far this year which included netting our first two goals of the season.  The WNA Girls were proud of the way they finished the match and there were smiles all around.

September 23rd, 2022

Loss: WNA 0- Jemicy 7

West Nottingham’s fantastic footballers struggled against Jemicy during the first half of the match.  Our girls were struggling with the complexities of the system of play that we employed leaving many holes in the defense.  In the second half, we simplified the system and the WNA girls held Jemicy in check.  Our girls are making great strides learning the beautiful game and are applying what they learn at training in the matches.  We are looking forward to an outstanding second half of the season

September 19th, 2022

Loss: WNA 0- Oldfields 4

The Fabulous Footballers of Nottingham came out on the short end of a 4-0 score against Oldfields School today at home.  Playing with several new arrivals who have not been to a training yet, the WNA Girls struggled with positioning and placement on the field.  Eight players played the full 60 minutes constituting our best effort so far and the girls’ work rate was high for the first 65 minutes of the match trailing only 1-0.  Oldfields overwhelmed WNA substituting five players at a time every ten minutes allowing them to keep their legs fresh which led to the eventual collapse of the defense.  All the girls played with fantastic effort  and show improvement every time they take the pitch.

September 15th, 2022

Loss: WNA 0- FCA 11

The WNA Girls’ Footballers travelled to Belair MD to face league powerhouse FCA.  The WNA girls faced FCA’s 25 player roster with only 11 and demonstrated immeasurable courage in the face of insurmountable odds.  The rams fought hard for the 80-minute match and completed all of the goals that were set for them by Coach Graziosi.  We learned a lot about the team and move forward with a great deal of optimism about the rest of the season and the future of the program.  Nine of the eleven girls dressed for the match played the entire 80 minutes and we saw the girls implementing the tactics that they have been training at practice.  The girls, led by Captains K.Hercules ’23 and S.Martinez ’23, maintained a positive attitude throughout the match.  Freshman Abby Nakhla made 25 saves in the goal and our girls improved throughout the match.  This was an outstanding first performance that was summed up by S. Wood ’25 who was playing in her first ever match saying, “That was fun.”


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