Cross Country Results


November 1st MIL Championship

Calvert Park hosted the MIL cross country Championship race on Tuesday.  The girls kicked things off with great performances.  The runners had wonderful weather to put in their best.

The boy’s scored 120 points to be in 5th place.  FCA was the winning team with a perfect 15.  WNA placed 18, 19, 26, 28, and 29 for the race.  Jastin Molina (20:35), Sho Brownstein (20:36), and Jonah Lyke (21:35) had their personal best for the season.

Laurine ran a blazing 22:54 coming in 5 place giving he all league honors.  Adele Dalle ran 26:54 and Griselda Gambia finished with 31:39.  Shuhan had her fastest race year with a 30:23.

These top performances could not happen at a better time, students running their best time at the league championship race.  The runners excited their individual race plans very well.  Sho, Jastin, and Laurine ran personal bests and the fastest WNA times at the championship race in the last two years.


October 22nd WNA Invitational

Tome, Avon Grove School, and Harford Christian School competed in the annual homecoming Cross Country race.  Nora ran a blazing 21:40 for the fastest WNA time on our course this year.   Co-captain Jastin  ran a 22:14. Laurine churned out a 25:13.  We started a new tradition with a PR bell for those WNA runners that run their fastest time of the year to receive ring.  I appreciate the maintenance crew for spending time to help us build a new tradition.

October 11th vs. FCA, DVCS, Harford Christian

FCA scored perfect at their home meet.  West Nottingham Academy scored 79 points, DVSV scored 55, and FCA had an impressive 15.

This was a tough course and Jastin was the first WNA runner coming in with a 24:22, and the second WNA runner Jonah ran a 25:04.

Lauren raced a 27:24.  The second WNA runner Adele, ran a 28:11.  West Nottingham Academy and DVSV did not have enough runners to have team scores at the race.

The next race is Tuesday away at CCA at 4pm.

October 6th vs. Avon Grove, FCA, and Harford Christian

At West Grove PA the West Nottingham Cross Country Team got to battle two tough league opponents.  FCA dominated the girls and boys meets by securing the top 4 places in each race.  The first WNA runner at 10th place was Chase Pugh who ran the course in an impressive time of 21:12.  This was the fastest WNA race of the school year.

We have had three different top male runners in our races this season.  Co-Captains Sho and Jastin came in 12 and 13 place clocking at 23:10 and 23:14 respectively. They ran well, and building for the big races at the end of the season championship meet.

On the girls side the top WNA finisher Laurine Sow came in 27:13 for a 6th place at tri.  The second WNA finisher was Adele Dalle.  She finished in 8th place with 27:27.  Shuhan came in third for WNA 28:47.  She has been improving each race, and the team is finding its stride hoping to find something wonderfully new as they face the toughest part of the season.

September 27th vs. AGCS and CCA

Colora, Maryland  — The West Nottingham Academy Cross Country teams competed with Calvary Christian School, and Avon Grove School. The girls had the best overall team performance in the last two years. The girls scored 21 points tied with Avon Grove School (AGS) and the boys lost with 22 – 36 with AGS.  Calvary Christian Academy improved a lot from the race last week.  It was perfect weather to get the best out of our runners.

The star of the race was Laurine.  She had the fastest WNA girls race in the last two years.  Laurine ran a 25:03 coming in second place out of 10 runners.  Adele had slightly over a 5-minute improvement from last race coming in 4th place.  Many of the girls stepped up and it took a team effort to finish with a tie. 

Sho led the boys with a 22:20 for the fastest WNA time, Michael finished 22:26 with his second consecutive top-five finish.  Jonah had a tremendous improvement from last race with a 10-minute improvement clocking in at 23:57.   Co-captain Jastin ran his personal best this race with a solid 22:40. Our bucolic home course gave many of our runners the perfect opportunity to hit PR’s.   

West Nottingham Academy is scheduled to return to league action on October 2 at Avon Grove and CCA.  

September 29th vs. Tri State Christian and CCA

Colora, Maryland  — West Nottingham Academy (Maryland) freshman Michael Holmes (23:01) has a memorable high school debut for WNA,  he came in first place, followed by teammates Chase Pugh (23:09), and Co-Captain Sho Brownstein (23:33) finished third place.  The teamwork they displayed will be important as the season progresses.

In a meet mainly made up of smaller teams in the league, Co-captain Jastin Molina placed 4th out of 17 competitors. His fast finish encapsulated his morning all school message of the importance of setting your season benchmarks.    

West Nottingham Academy is scheduled to return to league action on September 27 at home against Avon Grove and CCA.  

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