International Applicants

All international students should apply online, and follow these steps in the application process:

  • Create an account and submit the application.
  • Provide school records and recommendations.
  • Share DuoLingo results.
  • Schedule a virtual interview with an admissions officer.
  • For more information and questions, please contact

The WNA Experience: U.S Boarding School for International Students

WNA has been the preferred boarding school in the U.S for international students for over sixty years. Our goal is to foster a truly unique and rewarding experience for our international students that allows them to fully integrate into the WNA community. Our campus continues to be a special place because of the value we put in our international program. With international students triumphing in academics, arts, and athletics, we strive to create the most rewarding experience amongst boarding schools in Maryland for our international applicants. For more information, see our International Student Support information sheet.

International Student Application Process

As we continue to emphasize diversity amongst our student body, we strive to make the boarding school application process for international students as seamless as possible. International applicants must follow the steps listed out on our application process page, which includes creating an account, submitting an application and providing school records and faculty recommendations.

Beyond that, international applicants must submit an English proficiency exam. The options include the Duolingo English test (preferred), TOEFL, SSAT (our school code is 8146), iTEPS, or IELTS report. Only one exam is required.

Duolingo English Test

Our preferred English test, the Duolingo English test, is quick and inexpensive compared to other proficiency exams. Lasting 45 minutes and costing only $49, the exam uses computer adaptive technology that recognizes each specific user’s language abilities. The test automatically integrates a video interview and writing sample, requiring only that you have a supported browser, self-facing camera, and microphone. To learn more, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered an international applicant?

Applicants who reside outside of the United States are considered international students.

What are the fees for international students?

To learn more about our tuition and fees, click here.

Does WNA admit international students for grade 12 or for a postgraduate year?

Yes! WNA offers postgraduate opportunities for international students.

Is there an interview requirement and do I need to visit campus?

An interview with our admissions team is required for admission to WNA. A visit to campus is not required for any WNA applicant.

Does WNA accept a specific number of international students?

No, WNA does not have a limit on domestic or international students’ acceptance.

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