5 Day Boarding School Option

Along with our traditional boarding option, WNA additionally has a 5 Day boarding option that allows students to return home for the weekend. This flexible program lets WNA serve as a home away from home, giving students ample time to spend with their family and community, a benefit we believe to be imperative to our students.

Benefits Of Our 5 Day Boarding School Option

While WNA encourages our students to develop independence through the traditional 7 day boarding school experience, we believe it is also crucial that our students have quality time and continuity with their families away from our campus. As a result, we ensure that students that decide to take advantage of the 5 day boarding option will not have a lesser WNA experience in any way. Students in the 5 day program will share all the benefits of our campus, such as full-time access to faculty and resources. Those who elect the 5 Day Boarding School Option are fully integrated into life at WNA and will thrive as positive and productive community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you switch from 5 day boarder to 7 day boarder during the school year or vice versa?

Students are allowed to switch between the two boarding options at any point during the school year.

Is there a tuition difference between boarding 5 days and 7 days?

Tuition for students who board 7 days is $54,705 per year while tuition for 5-day boarders is $41,200. Visit our financial aid page for more information.

Are 5 day boarders allowed to stay for full weekends sometimes?

5 day boarders may sign up to stay on selected weekends. WNA may not charge for one or two instances of 5 day boarders staying for weekends, but the school may assess fees after multiple weekends.

Is any student eligible to be a 5 day boarder?

Any student can be a 5 day boarder as long as they have reliable transportation for pick-up every Friday evening by 6:00 p.m. and drop-off every Sunday evening by 7:00 p.m.

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