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STEM Summer Camp

July 23 – Aug 12, 2023

Join West Nottingham Academy for it’s first annual STEM Summer Camp.

For three weeks in the summer of 2023 WNA is offering over fourteen information packed learning opportunities. From bacteria to wormholes, join like-minded students who have a craving for all things science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics.

Academic and recreational trips will also be available. Will you go to iFly where the dream of flight becomes a reality, Hershey Park where you can feel the effects of gravity tugging you back to earth, or the Maryland Science Center and Planetarium to have day turn to night on the dome of the star theater as thousands of stars and planets appear overhead?

Click here to register and join us in the summer of 2023.
For questions, contact our STEM Department at stem@wna.org.

Sample Courses

A full list is available in our Course Catalog

Theories of Time Travel: Spacetime Physics and Wormholes

If we could unify quantum gravity, quantum mechanics, and general relativity into one theory, physicists argue that time travel would be possible. Journey with us through a study of black holes, negative energy, and cosmic strings as we research current theories of time travel. Study the experiments of physicists around the world and what they have revealed about paradoxes and mutable timelines. Create your own theory of time travel based on your research.

Smart Cities: Reimagining Urban Infrastructures

From data-optimized traffic lights to hydrogen-powered taxis, the modernization of networks and data offer many solutions to the livability and sustainability of cities. Set out on a journey across the globe into cities utilizing intelligent infrastructures such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York City, and Oslo to explore how the Internet of Things (IoT) can optimize services in transportation, healthcare, security, economic development and housing, waste, and water. Investigate how sensors and data networks collect data on energy usage, pollution levels, and other topics to correct and predict usage and patterns. Debate how intelligent systems can become a breach of privacy and undermine our freedoms to make decisions. Propose how technology and innovation can reimagine a city near you.


Why do you react a certain way or feel the way you do in response to external influences? The answer may be found in biopsychology, a branch of psychology that deals specifically with how the brain and neurotransmitters act upon the body, influencing what we do, say and feel. This field leans heavily on neuroscience and includes the study of the brain, the nervous system, and neurotransmitters. Anatomy, physiology, and statistics are also essential in the study of biopsychology. Embark on a study of science and math to gain an understanding of the biological processes that stimulate your thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

Geometry Through Art

Connections between mathematics and art can be found in every culture. This introductory course explores shapes, properties, and constructions of modern geometry, and analyzes works of art ranging from ancient Greek statues to Salvador Dalí paintings. You’ll learn foundational concepts of Euclidean geometry such as lines, angles, triangles, and other polygons, tessellations, and two-dimensional symmetry. Using what you’ve learned about points, lines, and planes, you’ll investigate the development of perspective in Renaissance art before venturing into three dimensions, analyzing polyhedral and considering their place in ancient art. Finally, you’ll explore non-Euclidean geometry and its connections to 20th-century art, including the drawings of M.C. Escher. Through lectures, discussions, modeling, and group work, you and your classmates will gain a strong foundation in geometry and an appreciation for the mathematical aspects of art.

West Nottingham Academy is hosting a Summer STEM Camp in July 2023. Cost for boarding students is $5,250 and day students is $2,750. Come, Explore Your Passion and Unleash Your Potential.

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